Estate Planning

Hill & Hill is pleased to offer health conscious, at home, Estate Planning document execution, at no additional cost to our clients!

Hill & Hill assists clients prepare for their future by creating a unique estate plan for each and every one of their clients. Whether a client is looking for a simple Last Will and Testament, or desires to have every aspect of their future (and passing) planned, the attorneys at Hill & Hill are available, prepared, and excited to help each client achieve their desired estate plan.

Estate Planning Tools Offered To Our Clients

The below Five Documents are included in our Estate Planning Package.

  • Will - While most individuals are familiar with what their Last Will and Testament (“will”) should consist of, most don’t understand the intricacies that go into a will that help it move through the probate process smooth and efficiently. It is strongly recommended that an individual seek legal counsel so that they may assist them in preparing their will.
  • Living Will - Many individuals confuse a living will with a do not resuscitate order (“DNR”). Compared to a DNR, which orders that the individual not be resuscitated should the individuals heart stop beating, a living will establishes that an individual does not want to be kept artificially alive should the individual be affected by several different diagnoses.
  • Health Care Surrogate Designation - An individual can designate who they would like to act as their health care surrogate in the event they are unable to make health care decisions on their own. 
  • HIPPA Forms - Many individuals assume that they will be able to access their close friend’s and family’s medical records in the event they were required to do so. However, hospitals pride themselves on their ability to protect their patience’s privacy, and as such, many individuals lack the ability to review the information they desire. HIPPA forms grant authority to individuals not normally authorized to review a loved ones medical information, without having to put up a fight.
  • Power of Attorney - Arguably one of the most important estate planning tools, by executing a durable power of attorney an individual designates the person they desire to act as their attorney in fact. Making such a designation insures that the attorney in fact will be able to handle all of the individuals affairs were the individual to become incapacitated.

    Not only do we offer the above mentioned estate planning tools at Hill & Hill, but we offer to our clients many other estate planning options such as Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Life Estate Deeds (Lady Bird Deeds), and much more!
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