December 2, 2020

Facing Eviction? Know Your Rights!

With almost all counties in Florida allowing residential evictions, many tenants are finding themselves in situations where they are facing actions for eviction. Many of these actions contain multiple counts, generally, one count for possession and another count seeking back due rent. If you are a named Defendant in the eviction action, it is critical that you timely respond to each count of the complaint. Failure to do so will cause a default to be entered against you and the Plaintiff will no longer be required to notify you of anything further as it relates to the eviction action.

You should consult with an experienced Landlord/Tenant attorney as soon as possible following receipt of the complaint for eviction and summonses. The Florida Statutes are designed to protect residential tenants from improper eviction actions and give the Tenant certain notice periods that must be strictly adhered to. An Attorney experienced in this area of the law can ensure that your landlord has not taken improper/illegal action against you. In the event that your landlord has taken wrongful action against you, you will likely be entitled to have your attorney’s fees paid for by your landlord.

Always ensure that you continue to pay your rent, if rent is the center of the eviction action you are facing, it is likely necessary to make payment into the court registry. Failure to do so may constitute a default under the action pending against you. An experienced Landlord/Tenant Attorney will be able to advise you on whether or not such action is necessary. The attorneys at Hill & Hill, Attorneys at Law, PLLC, have an immense amount of knowledge as it relates Landlord/Tenant law, we would be happy to assist you should you find yourself in the middle of an eviction action!

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